Green Tour

Swisstex Packaging & Accessories Ltd.

Sustainable Manufacturing Enriching Lives

Green initiatives we adopted:

§  Energy saving led light.

§  High efficiency vrf system.

§  Good daylight for building

§  Lot of fresh air

§  Separate energy metering

§  Individual tasklights

§  Green materials

§  Indoor gardens

§  Low flow water fixturesbicyle parking

§  Carpool preferred parking

At Swisstex Packaging & Accessories Ltd.

§  We have reduce Energy Consumption Compared to conventional factories.

§  The Percentage of our Energy Savings is 20%

§  We have achieved more water saving.

§  We segregate our waste and recycle it.

§  We have adopted Green Construction practices.

§  Our space is designed to have more than daylight & views and more than 30% fresh air to contribute to health & wellbeing.