Catalog Design Matters

Eye-catching design, smart layouts, appealing images and organization are cornerstones to good catalog design. Add in the fact that different industries usually require different approaches: a big box sporting goods store's catalog will look very different from a custom watch-maker's. Consider this before diving in, as one size does not fit all in the world of catalog design.

So, where do you start? Let's look at a few key ways to get a jump start on your catalog design with best practices.

Design for Your Audience

A catalog's performance is tied to how well it sells. Tailor your catalog design to appeal to your target customer. If your target is a young audience it will be drastically different than a catalog for older folks. If you target multiple audiences you may consider doing multiple designs to match the style and desires of your audience.

Size and Format

Give your products the space that they need. When designing your catalog, make sure it is large enough to showcase your all of your products and draws attention to your most important products or services. Consider the page count, format and how it will make your customers feel. For example, if you are in a niche industry like custom watch-making or fine photography, you may want an austere layout with fewer items per page, highlighting the quality and uniqueness of the work.

Additionally, this kind of audience would probably also benefit from a higher quality paper stock, more careful consideration of image quality and color trueness. You will want your customers to linger over the pages, taking in the details and the "story" of your work. A good place to get expert advice is from your favorite printer. At PrintingForLess, we provide printed samples, technical help and guidance on how to get the best printed piece.

Use High Quality Images

Images of your products and services are the centerpiece of your catalog. Consider making images of high value products and services larger than those of products of lesser value. Great photos will make your products more appealing and increase sales. Make sure all your images are taken with good lighting and are of an adequate resolution for printing.

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